Dairy not for you? Our handcrafted almond milk is blended with a tasteful amount of coconut milk for a creamy and hydrating touch to start your morning, and keep you going all day. 

Available weekly in the Marina District, San Francisco. 

Offered two ways


90/10 Fresh Blended and Squeezed Almond Milk & Creamy Coconut Milk


The Fan Favorite; The Original with a Tasteful Hint of Date & Vanilla.

Benefits of Dairy Free

Reduce Bloating

Studies have determined that around 80% of our immune activity occurs around the gut and our digestive systems. Dairy has also been identified as one of the biggest immune system stressors. When we ingest foods we’re intolerant to, as we cannot produce the enzymes to absorb them, the immune system senses this and tries to flush out the offending ingredient. The immune system consists of a whole network of potential responses, from external symptoms to internal gastrological distress. Often, these autoimmune networks become overloaded and respond to the wrong area of the body. This can cause adverse reactions in unexpected ways.

Body Composition

Dairy is abundant in excess saturated fats. At 9 calories per gram, fats have the highest caloric value of all macronutrients. Decreasing intake will naturally aid in reducing body fat, whilst simultaneously lowering levels of inflammation.

Control Acne

The intake of dairy products is linked to the occurrence of acne. This is attributed to the growth hormones and anabolic steroids naturally found within cow’s milk, as it’s naturally engineered towards helping calves grow. It’s also linked to the high content of carbohydrates found within lactose. This increases insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) hormone levels in the liver. IGF-1 works to balance the impact of growth hormones on the body, and an imbalance of this hormone can result in acne problems.

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